Who exactly is this cast of characters behind Rise and Explore, you ask?

Well, I'm glad you ask. We are a family of five (well, six, if you count our 1-year old golden retriever). Loren and Walter grew up traveling and living abroad thanks to adventurous parents and the U.S. Foreign Service. Together, we have traveled to every continent except for Antarctica - but rest assured, that's on our list. We have lived in the United States, Singapore, Mozambique, Thailand, Venezuela, Australia, Sudan, and Poland. Our young travelers are Logan (7), Kate (5), and Ivy (3). Logan grew up on Thai street food and swam nearly every day for the first four years of his life thanks to the perpetual Bangkok heat. Kate is a judo-loving, Polish-speaking world traveler who has a zeal for magic tricks, detective work, and action heros. Ivy is a Thailand-born, U.S. and Polish-raised 3-year old going on 13. She can run faster in plastic high heels than any other 3 year old you've ever met.

Cruising our way through Venice - 2016

Cruising our way through Venice - 2016

Our dog, Kosmo, is a Polish golden retriever. At two months old, we took him on vacation to Slovakia and at eleven months old, we took him to the Czech Republic; so it's safe to say that even he is an international traveler. It wouldn't be fair to leave him out of our adventures now, would it?

In this crazy, wonderful life we've been given, we are fortunate enough to move to a new country every 2-3 years. There is nothing we love more than experiencing new places and things and spending time with family and friends. Travel allows us to do both. It expands our little corner of the world to something bigger and greater than what we ever could have imagined. So join us on our journeys. And while you're at it, plan your own. This world was made for exploring, and we're here to inspire.

Where we've traveled

Won't you consider joining us on your adventures, and in the meantime, finding some inspiration for your own? 

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