What if we told you family travel could be easier? Go more smoothly?  Be luxurious? Be (gasp!) fun.

Look, we get it. Travel with children, especially young ones, can be hard, exhausting, and frustrating. Surviving long flights, surviving canceled flights, lugging around heavy car seats, lugging around what feels like a million suitcases, dealing with naps, dealing with missed naps, putting up with jet lag, accepting the expense, managing complaining offspring, motivating the unmotivated young traveler . . . Travel with kids is, well, traveling, but not necessarily vacation.

But you know what? All that hassle? It is worth it. Why, you ask?  Precisely this: the enjoyment, enrichment, and education your children receive when traveling to a new place is unparalleled. Their eyes widen, their senses heighten, and they are awestruck by the things around them. Traveling with them is your chance to teach them about the world - the diversity of people, landscapes, and culture; the celebration of different religions, festivals, and holidays; and the importance of building memories. Travel teaches us that we can go beyond our comfort zones to explore places and things we never could have imagined. It proves to us that this is indeed a big, wide world and the time to explore is now. 

It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now.
— Hugh Laurie
Smiles from a snowy Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras in Strbse Pleso, Slovakia

Smiles from a snowy Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras in Strbse Pleso, Slovakia

Family travel is a delicate balance between making everyone happy. Parents need to be able to relax. Kids need to be engaged. Everyone needs to be in the right state of mind. How do you achieve that? Well, you must choose the right place to visit and the right things to see. The right place to stay. The right way to travel. And planning everything the right way can take a lot of time. That is where Rise and Explore comes in.

We travel a lot, which means we have sussed out the best places to go. And not only that, we've also uncovered the most luxurious family-friendly (yes, the two can be compatible) places to stay. When it comes to what to see and do in a new location? We've got that pretty well under control, too.

I'm going to fill you in on a little secret. Our best family vacation to date was a nine-day trip to western Australia. Why? Friends of ours shared some amazing photos of a trip they had just taken. They told us about their adventures and we knew immediately that we wanted to do the same. Instead of doing all the legwork myself, I asked for their itinerary and we embarked on nearly the same trip. It was magic. No pouring over the Internet for hours trying to figure out where to stay. No reading review upon review about different activities. No mapping distances from town to town. It had all been done for us. And you know why this worked? Because we knew they knew what they were doing. And, we trusted them.

And that, my friends, is what we aim to do for you. If you'll allow us to take you away through our pictures and stories, show you where we went, what we explored, and how we did it . . . then maybe you can build some trust in us. And then, you can gain inspiration for your family travels through our itineraries - where everything has been laid out for you.

Join us, won't you?

Morskie Oko Loren - Rise and Explore
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